You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t teach it how to twerk. Probably my best metaphor yet. And the most relevant in terms of my effectiveness on being a social media guru

Even though I know how to do a Boolean search and figure out the da vinci code without even whipping a single able body, my ego on being a social media guru is all a façade.


A guy on a Kawasaki made up of Guy Kawasaki’s. I’m a genious, Ross, if you read and see this, you know it’s totally worth a HD just for my Photoshop skillz.

The truth is; until I was exposed to Guy Kawasaki’s video on how to be better at using social media to create a stronger, more vivid profile; I really was only yet another mere crumb in a bakery. Useless, with no purpose, no meaning and not physically attached to a panini.


Kawasaki’s video taught me so much about everything I didn’t even know I needed work.

Here are some of the things that I noted down that I need to reflect and improve on:


My Social media avatar – need a new photo. Take a photo of a headshot positioned with headspace. Use this avatar across every site.

Profile perfection – AREAS OF NEEDING WORK

Instagram bio and links.

Create a link to a general page in order to reflect upon my social media status.

Appropriate avatar

Privacy of posts and appropriateness?

Instagram is a reflection of my passions, hobbies, and interests


Twitter bio and links

Twitter handles and posting

Are my posts logical and create interest

What am I posting about

Am I following the right twitter pages


Linkedin profile

Create an avatar

Update information

Link some of my wordpress postings to linkedin, repost them

Create a link to my profile

Does my have appropriate links and informative and postivite reflecting content? avatar bio


WordPress posting

Are my posts appropriate?

Hide inappropriate postings?

Create another blog to reflect my journey of powerlifting



What are my posts

What is my username

Youtube avatar

Youtube bio


So as you can tell from all of this, it’s literally impossible for me to think that I’m any good with social media, when after watching a how to basics video, I’ve noted a billion things that I need to work on.

 Produced using Coggle.

As for what this has to do with my future in the working world; it has everything to do with it! I believe that my social media profile is going to be one of my primary sources ot having a successful job, following, and reputation. I believe with a well managed social media profile across the multiple networks I use, that there’s a high chance that my neatness and (future) profession, I’ll have a fair chance running in getting into the workforce that I pursue.


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